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IronBox Nutrition was developed for the athlete tired of trying everything and getting nowhere with their results. We're skipping the "bro science" and fads - we combine scientific and holistic approaches to nutrition to help you look and feel your best, mentally and physically.

We go beyond just macros and provide you the tools, coaching, and support to achieve the results you want and maintain them, easily, for years to come.


Hi, I'm Mary, the girl behind IronBox. For the majority of my 20s, I fell for the quick-fix scams of the fitness industry. I believed achieving the results I wanted required a lot of sacrifice, willpower, and eliminating the foods I loved.


Like many, I tried it all only to get stuck on the yo-yo diet cycle for years. Now I help others achieve their physique and performance goals without deprivation.



IronBox Nutrition is powered by Working Against Gravity and specializes in nutrition for active lifestyles. With IronBox, you not only get the highest quality of coaching, you also get the powerful platform, education, and support that makes this program so successful.

We've worked with thousands of men and women to transform their bodies, improve their athletic performance and make positive and sustainable changes to their nutrition and lifestyle.


Long story short, we're committed to your transformation.

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